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Your Right to Appeal – Review by a Higher Court

Sometimes, no matter how well you present your case, the trial judge or the jury gets it wrong. The Judge or the jury is not the last word about your case. In Florida, you have an absolute right to have three experienced appellate judges review your case. These appellate judges will consider whether the Judge or jury in Florida followed the law, and whether there is sufficient evidence to support the decision made by the Judge or jury.

Sometimes when you win, the other side decides to appeal. You have to defend your successful result against an appellate challenge. Adverse administrative, or adverse military separation or courts martial decisions, may also be reviewed.  The Wheelock Law Firm handles complex appeals in State and Federal Courts in family law, reproductive rights, attorney’s fees, trial errors, foreclosures, civil cases, contract cases, administrative law, and military decision reviews.

Appellate decisions in which our firms represented one of the parties have been leading cases in some areas. We represent people seeking appellate review (Appellants) and people seeking to preserve a successful result on appeal (Appellees).

We also work with trial attorneys to make sure that complex issues are presented in trial so that the appellate courts may rule regarding an adverse decision.


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