frozen embryo controversy

frozen embryo controversy

Artificial insemination raises many complex issues.

A well-known actress is being sued by her ex-boyfriend regarding two embryos created by artificial insemination. The actress wants the embryos to remain frozen, and the ex-boyfriend wants the embryos to go to term. According to media reports, there is no agreement between the parties as what would happen in the event that the parties separated. In Florida, there is a specific statute regarding artificial insemination.

Any party donating genetic material for his or her own child will receive all parenting rights and responsibilities. However, a person donating genetic material for a friend or family member may later face an action for child support or other responsibilities. Anyone seeking a baby by artificial insemination, or considering helping a friend by donating an egg or sperm, should seek legal advice. A clear, specific written agreement regarding the terms of the donation, and the rights and responsibilities in the future, is a must. The agreement should also set forth what happens to any embryos not used – especially if the couple contemplating having a baby break up or otherwise do not go through with the pregnancy.

The Wheelock Law Firm was involved in the lead case in the Florida Supreme Court regarding artificial insemination and parenting rights. If you have any questions about the legal implications of artificial insemination, or are considering donating your egg or sperm, please talk to us before you take any action.

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