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Durable Power of Attorney

Your Will expresses your last wishes for your property and your family. Your Will includes any special gifts or bequests you wish to make to important persons in your life or to charities and institutions you support. Your Will may include directions about disposing of your remains and any special funeral requests. You will name a Personal Representative (Executor) who will be responsible for administering your assets and making sure that your wishes are carried out. Your Will may also provide for the care of your children if both parents are deceased.

The assets for your younger children and grandchildren may be protected by the Trust you create in your Will. All circumstances are different, and require a careful analysis of your wishes.

Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care

Your Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare authorizes a trusted family member or friend to act on your behalf for medical decisions. Your doctors and medical providers will know with whom to discuss your medical options and decisions. As long as you able to make medical decisions, you will still make all decisions. The Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare is effective for those times that you are unable to decide your medical options.

Dying with Dignity

Medical technology is a life saver. However, there may come the time that medical machines and treatments are only prolonging the process of dying. A Living Will names a trust family member or friend to communicate your desire that the process of dying not be prolonged when medical recovery is not expected. The person you name will consult with your doctors and medical providers regarding this end of life decision.

The Living Will lets you make your intentions known now, sparing your family from unnecessary worry at this emotional time.


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